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Fill in your details in the form to check the feasibility of your location. Pick the plan and offer what you want. You can make your payment directly from the website and upload relevant documents for verification and wait for the confirmation. We’ll get in touch with you for easy and hassle-free installation!

If the customer has disconnected from our service within 30 days. Call the support centre and request will be taken by the service representative as we are available for 24/7 support service. Process may take 05 to 07 days depending on your location. If Customer has disconnected on a date beyond 30 days. Call the call centre and request will be taken by the service representative. The team will do a feasibility check for the location and if a port is available, then activation will be done. Process would take 05 to 07 days.

You can also go and click on Support > I want to relocate my connection > Shifting request. Just follow the steps to enter the address (using the GPS) by being present at the location of the new address. Confirm the address. Acknowledge the shifting charges. If the address on the proof of address document is not the same as the shifting address, then the customer needs to give consent on a declaration. Submit the request. Process might take 5 to 7 days depending on the type of connection.

You can Install the Wifi Analyzer app from the Google play store for Android devices from the and choose any channel that is free in the area. If there are no free channels available, choose the channel where there is no overlap of SSIDs between 2 channels as shown below.
Wifi Router Faq If the router is a dual band router, try using the 5 GHz channel where there will be less overlap and better speed.

It depends on the area network. The internet gives much more speed and is fastest when the device is directly connected to an Ethernet cable. The speed may drop when connected through Wi-Fi due to wireless interference or due to incorrect router.

You can check it by clicking into any internet browser and type Select the test server Note: Please check your speed only after you have plugged-in to the LAN (Ethernet Cable) directly in your laptop/desktop. The speed may vary 5% to 10% every time to time as you perform a speed test.

When you choose your Wi-Fi plans for home, you should consider plans with speeds higher than 100 Mbps to ensure uninterrupted connectivity that won't interrupt your work and entertainment.

The best Wi-Fi connection will offer the following things

Fibre Optic Broadband: It is regarded as the fastest type of broadband available, the internet service provider that uses this technology is definitely the best. The technology ensures that the internet is super-fast, highly consistent and reliable. The speeds will be symmetrical i.e. equal with regard to both download and upload speeds.

High-Speed Plans at Affordable Rates: We all look for high-speeds in our internet connection, but at the same time we are concerned about the prices. Well, the best internet service provider offers you the best speed plans at budget-friendly prices. With internet speeds as high as 350 Mbps, you can do all your online tasks without interruption plus it does not burn your pockets as well.

Add-on Benefits: The best internet service provider offers you add-on benefits to their customers such as cashback with Netflix and Amazon Prime, Zee 5 subscription or gaming vouchers for in-game purchases to add more value to your internet plan and enjoy the services.

Install the Wifi Analyzer app for Android devices from the Google Play Store and choose any channel that is free in the premises. If there are no free channels, choose the channel where there is no overlap of SSIDs between 2 channels as shown below. If the router is a dual band router, try using the 5 GHz channel where there will be less overlap and better speed.
Below are a few reasons for low speed:
1. High bandwidth consuming applications like torrent could be running.
2. You may have exceeded the storage space in your device.
3. You may not have cleared your temporary & cache files.
4. Your device may be affected by a virus.
5. Your Wi-Fi signals are affected by obstructions like concrete walls or RF electronic equipment like TV etc. 6. Your device may not be compatible with the current router.
7. Your router is at a distant place.
8. You may not have cleared the dues and your account is in suspended mode.
9. You may have crossed your data limit.

User ID is the unique identification number assigned to every customer in SNDC communications and this should be handy and memorable when you interact with service executives.

Tariff plan is a plan which the subscriber has opted for and which determines the Speed, FUP and the subscription charges to be paid by the customer that they choose for a definite period.

A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth the account will be restricted for the particular day, to the extent that it can impair the experience of others. The intent of our Fair Usage Policy is to provide the optimum internet experience to all customers.

Under the policy we have defined fair usage levels for unlimited data transfer plans and the usage levels set are very generous such that most customers will not be affected by the Fair Usage Policy.

On reaching the fair usage level, the plan speed would be optimized to Post FUP speed mentioned above in the table, for the rest of the month/ billing cycle as applicable. Please note that the speeds would be upgraded to the normal speeds at the start of the next month /billing cycle as applicable. While the subscriber has always the choice of choosing a right plan basis their individual requirements which is available on our website.

We have a choice of Top up plans on your demands that are available based on individual requirements and different prices.

The data transfer limits remain unlimited and there will be no change on the same.

Simply Login with your user ID and password. you will get all the details of your account.

You can pay in any online Payment mode/Cash/Cheque etc.

If the account is temporarily stopped and not active at the time of payment, it would require a minimum of 4 working hours may varies a little to a maximum of 72 Hours for the account to become active, depending upon the mode of payment.